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Our Founder

Our Founder

Heidi L. Nevala, MH

Heidi L Nevala President Natura Petz Organics Petabis Organics Natura Herbs Organics Petz Kitchen

Heidi Nevala is founder and President of Petabis™ Organics, Natura Petz Organics™, The Petz Kitchen™, PawR™ Line, Think Natura™ and Natura Herbs Organics™. As a master herbalist, Heidi has been utilizing natural remedies to create and suggest proprietary master formulas to help support health and wellness in humans and animals for over 20 years.

Heidi studied traditional herbal medicine in Lima, Peru and spent years studying the natural biospheres of the Amazon, Andes and Humboldt Current, while living and traveling extensively throughout South and Central America and Europe, where plants and marine extracts are used as a traditional medical system. 

Heidi's expertise in adaptogenic South American herbs and marine constituents, particularly plants which have been studied for their own chemistry to stimulate the Endocannabinoid System, and when combined with CBD Hemp oil, offers a unique and heightened pathway to potentially help deliver layered health benefits for animals. 

Heidi Nevala is an internationally recognized expert in the field of South American adaptogenic plants and marine constituents, a frequent expert contributor to Natural Pets TV, Pet World Media Group, Pet X Talks, Natural Pet Radio, Pet Age, Pet Product News, Pet Business, Pet Food Industry, Pets Plus and, national TV and radio shows, and has authored over 4500 blog posts on natural plant and marine based remedies for dogs, cats, small animals and horses.

Our Petabis™ Organics line was formulated in consultation with leading holistic Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) and within traditional medical systems to help ensure proper dosing and potential therapeutics for dogs, cats, small animals and horses.  

The CBD industry offers pet parents and their pets potentially exciting and efficacious health and healing tools, to help promote wellness and longevity in our beloved animals.