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Large Breed dogs have needs that differentiate them from small and medium size breeds.

Our deliciously healthy UDSA & NOP Organic 5 mg. Snacks are formulated with large breed dog's needs in mind to help deliver the health and wellness benefits of CBD combined with our adaptogen herbs that have been studied to also signal and potentiate the effects of CBD on the Endocannabinoid System.

Our 5 mg. LARGE BREED SNACKS USDA Certified Organic CBD PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oil DOG SNACKS are made from organic Hemp Oil, peanut butter, USDA & NOP Organic Super Foods, Super Fruits and Super Herbs, to help support optimal wellness in your super dog!

Our snacks are derived from Non-GMO, Non-Isolate, Non-Synthetic, USDA Organic CBD Hemp Oil, locally grown, organically cultivated and sustainably sourced in Colorado, using a patented water vapor extraction process, producing the purest, nutrient dense and natural phytochemical rich oil. 

Our 5 mg. LARGE BREED SNACKS contain potent antioxidants, super foods, super fruits, adaptogens and infused herbs which may help stimulate your dog's innate Endocannabinoid System as well as help regulate your pet's daily immune health needs.

An adaptogen carries out a "3 R" function in the body in that it may help read, repair and restore. An adaptogen may help read dysfunction and imbalance, help repair phytochemically and nutritionally and help restore balance, also known as homeostasis. For example, an adaptogen is able to down regulate an over stimulated immune system or up regulate an under performing immune system, as needed. That's what we call plant intelligence!

Supporting balanced immune health is the most important gatekeeper against all types of disease presentation and our tasty 5 mg. LARGE BREED SNACKS may provide your pet with vital primary nutrients to help build health as well as dynamic natural phytochemical additions to help boost your pet's natural defense system.  

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