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Pets Plus Magazine Features Petabis Organics CBD Topical Salve for Stress Free Dogs & Cats

Dog and cat owners are hella happy about their pets — in a study by Packaged Facts, 95 percent of dog owners and 94 percent of cat owners said their pets positively impact their mental health. In exchange, pet owners are happy to invest in anti-anxiety chews, relaxation oils and even acupressure tools to make sure their pets feel as good as they do. — michelle lange

External Relief

The pet-soothing market offers luxury goods people would use on themselves for anxiety and stress relief. Pheromone diffusers are designed to replicate calming pheromones of dogs and cats, and warm, aromatherapy cuddle buds help pets that quiver when left home alone. These external options give pet parents innovative, human-grade and noninvasive ways to reduce stress in their pets.

CBD Topical Salve
Petabis Organics

KEY FEATURES: A topical salve for dogs and cats that delivers full-spectrum organic hemp oil extract to help address relief pain, skin irritations, wound healing and insect bites.

SALES TIP: Point out the dank blend — this is one of the richest topicals on the planet.

Also, see Petabis Organics CBD Oils HERE, (877) 723-4468


ThunderEase Diffuser 
Kit Thundershirt

KEY FEATURES: The diffuser replicates natural pheromones used to reduce stress in dogs and cats.

SALES TIP: Push the blend to fix the issue, whether it’s a cat that sprays and scratches, a dog with anxiety or multiple-cat conflict., (866) 892-2078

$44.95 (Diffuser Kits); $19.95 (Refills)

Kitty and Puppy Cuddle Pals

KEY FEATURES: The Unicorn for cats and the Snoozin’ Sloth for puppies are filled with buckwheat for a natural, warming way to comfort stressed pets.

SALES TIP: Easy to use: Reheat in the microwave., (800) 477-5735


Calmz Anxiety Relief System

KEY FEATURES: This at-home acupressure system reduces anxiety in a non-invasive, drug-free way.

SALES TIP: Push the spa vibe to show off the therapeutic blend of classical music, tones and vibrations., (877) 738-6283


Treats & Chews

Valerian root, hawthorn berry and chamomile give rise to relaxation in dogs and cats like they do in people. Stock treats designed to reduce stress related to trips to the vet or encountering large crowds, and remind your customers that not every treat needs special relaxation ingredients. A treat and a special toy offered at the same day every day can also promote peace around the house.

Calming Chews
Pet Naturals of Vermont

KEY FEATURES: High-strung pups can chomp this calming biopeptide blend with L-theanine and vitamin B for a calm and restful day.

SALES TIP: Show pet parents they can buy blends for large and extra-large dogs, or halve the treats for smaller pups., (802) 878-5508


Bake and Freeze Silicone Treat Maker
Messy Mutts

KEY FEATURES: Make homemade, bone-shaped treats for pets with this flexible silicone treat maker, winner of the Fear Free Award.

SALES TIP: Explain how gentle control techniques develop calming environments., (416) 644-1661


Calming Chews

KEY FEATURES: This blend reduces tension with chemicals that help regulate brain function and natural herbs like passionflower, chamomile and valerian root.

SALES TIP: Add a “Hot Pick” label, this blend is the best-seller in Zuke’s Enhance Functional line., (866) 985-3364


Hemp & CBD

These oils and salves treat anxiety, nausea and joint pain in pets and are known to improve circulation and digestion. Depending on where you live, customers might be open to the idea of hemp-related products or eye them as contraband. It’s up to you to decide what your customers are ready for — and to be familiar with local laws. Just know that this product category is on the rise.

CBD Oil for Pets
Prana Pets

KEY FEATURES: A safe, gentle and nutritive supplement that addresses anxiety, nervousness and stress in dogs and cats.

SALES TIP: Let customers know it’s approved by a licensed pharmacist specifically for pet use., (800) 368-0016


Cannabidiol oil
Canna Bonez

KEY FEATURES: Helps dogs reduce anxiety, regain an appetite, and be in better spirits overall.

SALES TIP: Pair it with the company’s CBD dog treats for a choice of chill options.


This article originally appeared in the February 2018 edition of PETS+.